Links to scientific practices workshop materials

We recently ran a Scientific Practices Workshop, and one of us later collected several links for follow-up materials for the interested. I thought the list of links was a fantastic source of materials, so I post it here:

Why this is important? (New)

Would you like to learn more about research integrity?

Would you like to learn more about reproducibility?

Would you like to pre-register a study?

Would you like to start using github?

Would you like to learn more about Reproducible Reports?

Or as Matti puts it: “Using RStudio and RMarkdown to achieve happiness and life satisfaction”:

Would you like start using a style guide for your code?

  • R: Hadley Wickham style guide (one, two)
  • Answer: Yes.

Would you like to join the Peer Review Openness Initiative or learn more about the Open Science Framework?

Would you like to watch scientists try to define a p-value?

Updated 2016-01-14